How does fund raising work?

Order and delivery

When sales end, the customer's orders are collected in one form, which is sent to Delivery is in 1-3 days to your desired address (preferably an address where a haulier can leave a delivery during business hours). Payment terms are 14 days net, so there is good time to deliver the products to the buyers and collect the money for payment. There is not a minimum order quantity. There is no delivery charge. It is more important to make a good profit for young people's hobbies!

Quality cleaning agents for fund raising

Fund raising is more sensible when the products are needed in every home and company. In this way the sales campaign can be repeated after a suitable period. High-quality and useful products can even gain supporters that are looking forward to a new campaign.

KW products are designed for professional use, so the portions are smaller than what consumers can purchase from shops. The product range we offer for fund raising considers the consumer from the product usage safety’s perspective, so the products can also be sold to consumers.

We produce and develop the products ourselves in Kruunupyy, so that domesticity is very present in the products sold to support yuong people.


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