Eetu Viherlaakso

Technical expert

Juuso Viherlaakso

Sales, Managing Director

Kristian Forsell

Sales, agriculture

Kristian Slotte

Production manager

Kristiina Pouhula

Liquid production, manufacturing/packaging line

Leif Enfors

Liquid production, packaging line

Liubov Stasko

Liquid production, packaging line

Margita Brännkärr

Liquid production, packaging line

Mikaela Dahlbacka

Dispatch department

Päivi Vainioranta

Sales, helthcare

Simon Brännkärr

Powder production, manufacturing

Tommi Veijalainen

Liquid production, manufacturing

Factory contact information

Kemvit Oy
Bastintie 303
68410 Alaveteli

+358 40 773 0086

Billing information

Online invoices:
Kemvit Oy
Y-ID: 0845555-2
Online invoice address / OVT: 003708455552
Intermediary ID: OKOYFIHH
By email: tai

Paper invoices:
Kemvit Oy, Bastintie 303, 68410 Alaveteli

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