A long experience of production for Finland and abroad

Kemvit has been a producer of cleaning agents for over 30 years. Our high-quality products have found users throughout Finland in professional kitchens, professional cleaning, laundries, in the food and metal industries, in agriculture and personel hygiene.

We are product developer and producer. Our products are only sold through our regional retailers.

Approximately 20% of our produce is exported, with the products we produce being available in 9 countries.


Eetu Viherlaakso

Technical expert

Juuso Viherlaakso

Sales, Managing Director

Kristian Forsell

Farm sales

Kristian Slotte

Production manager

Kristiina Pouhula

Liquid production, manufacturing/packaging line

Leif Enfors

Liquid production, packaging line

Mikaela Dahlbacka

Dispatch department

Simon Brännkärr

Powder production, manufacturing

Tommi Veijalainen

Liquid production, manufacturing


Wash clean with a small portion

The laundry powders are responsibly produced products, which allow as many washes as possible. KW laundry detergents are scent-free and zeolite-free. Clothes are washed clean without scent, so they smell clean.

Cleanliness that you can feel on your delicate skin.

A path to work life for young people

In summer, we have three young summer workers, each of whom is with us for three weeks at a time. In 2-3 summers, the same local young workers learn through co-operation with adults. They see how the company works and why we exist. In about three-year intervals these young people leave to study and a new generation of young people come to learn with us.

Responsibility for Quality

The users has purchased the KW product as a tool to undertake theis tasks. Quality has been proven over many years of use. Many have also said that KW products are an excellent choice concerning the price-/quality relationship. Maintaining quality is a continuous process requiring commitment and the highest level of responsibility. Wspecially economical and global upheaval demand steadfast responsible choices from entrepreneurs. We at Kemvit want to offer our customers a cleaner and higher quality experience, which we quarantee by only buying raw materials from our well-known suppliers, with whom we have been doing long-term business and we can be sure of the quality of the materials they produce.

Get to know our production

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Factory contact information

Kemvit Oy
Bastintie 303
68410 Alaveteli

+358 40 773 0086

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Online invoices:
Kemvit Oy
Y-ID: 0845555-2
Online billing address / OVT: 003708455552
Intermediary ID: OKOYFIHH
By email: KemvitOy@mail.centsoft.readsoftonline.com  or info@kemvit.fi

Paper invoices:
Kemvit Oy, Bastintie 303, 68410 Alaveteli

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