This is how we work


High-quality is especially important to the KW brand.

We developed and produce the products ourselves at our factory in the village of Alaveteli in Kruunupyy. We use hig-quality raw materials, which we only acquire from our well-known suppliers.

We use Finnish suppliers for our packing material, which we naturally know well.

Cleanliness that you can feel is the high-quality or our products. High-quality that you feel when cleaning.

Responsible production

The production of chemical products demands responsibility for material selection, production staff, the environment, transportation, storage and the products final use. Legislation governs our actions, with many certificates independently guaranteeing the quality of our products and operations.

Safety, quality and service are central to our operations.

An occupational health and safety manager works for us, even though we are a small company. This is important to us as we want to show that our operations are responsible and in doing so ensure that business is undertaken according to the law and regulations. We also feel that responsibility adds to work satisfaction.

Responsibility is simple for us:

We tell what we do! This is shown by our use of the Key Flag in our products, denoting made in Finland.

A Finnish family company

Entrepreneurs Jari Löfroos and Juuso Viherlaakso are equal shareholders. Juuso works in the daily managing director/sales role. You might happen to meet this green-trousered Sprayman at cleaning events, with his tie joyfully swaying as he tells about our products.

Cleaning agents with your own label

We also work as a contract manufacturer. The products that we produce are sold under many different brands.

Remember! In addition to cleaning agents, we also produce washing powder and bath salt.

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